Corn Maze

Corn Maze - a new generation of entertainment, interesting for every age category. Corn mazeof Agrofirm Mayak (village of Pischane)which cut open air in a cornfield. The total length of 9 km. Fits 3 hectares. Tracks labyrinth located between rows of corn. In the maze you will find 15 km intricate paths, where you can find many interesting gifts and the main prize - free sightseeing trip. Quests, races, quads, barrel train and experienced animators are waiting for you in the maze. Get lost in this maze - we must try, but fun - can be enough. This type of holiday is environmentally friendly, helpful and interesting. He teaches love nature, separates from gadgets emotion fills all those who come to us. Cheerful mood and gifts are guaranteed to everyone who will participate in the quest !!!

Straw maze

Straw Maze - a game of space; wild game of the new generation in the territory, built-thatched structures.

Today's children are accustomed to the technique. Some even call them "push-button generation", implying that the habit of pressing the buttons now emerging from a very early age. As a result, the child thinks differently, or perceive their surroundings. Children's entertainment, current mid and late twentieth century, is not clear to children and cause difficulties. Among the many modern entertainment "live" maze is perhaps the only benefit and those are the few entertainments that have not lost their appeal.

Straw maze - it's incredibly interesting and useful entertainment for children. All children, without exception, to look like the only possible way out of this complicated situation. Due to the passage of the maze, children learn to build logical moves, sorted out all the options, maze teaches children to analyze, develop attention and dedication.

Today's children to go through a straw maze, have to show perseverance and patience. Of course, it does not test for survival, as in the famous book Harry Potter and easy maze for children made of straw bales.

The length of the straw maze of 30 meters, width 15 meters. Straw maze consisting of 156 bales. Packs unit is pressed straw stalks size 120cm. * 60cm. Time of this little baby straw maze takes three minutes.

As children and adults with great pleasure straw maze and are resting on straw and sheaves hill (pyramid) with straw bales.

On the farm:

Agrofirm "Mayak" - is the embodiment of new technologies in modern agriculture. This modernized and automated milking, feeding rational process and comfortable cows and calves. Agrofirm "Mayak" gladly shows its for visitors.

Tour begins with branch where placing calf cows. Then show the location of newborn calves are reared for 45 days in designated individual areas. After that guide leads to meet with the purebred bull. His name is Augustus. Its dimensions are impressive all: adults and children but fascinating story of the guide will leave aside anyone. In August entrusted responsible mission - to establish and expand a Swedish family cows. The farm herd hornless, cows are clean up. Twice a year, "manicure-pedicure" on the hoof and make even entered the data into the computer passport along with vaccination, operations and schedule of calving and milk yield. All animals - feeding a balanced: first table, second, third - as in homes. No green fodder, no manger, not to perform silly job of cleaning the stall. Computers calculate requirements, all components are mixed and are distributed. Animals eat plenty through the wall, nobody limit.

In winter the temperature falls below 25 degrees Celsius, windows tightly closed with special curtains. Cows dairy herd kept separately from meat breed that is reared for marble beef. An integral part of a tour of the farm agricultural firm Mayak is tasting dairy products (milk, glazed curds), during which you can observe the process of milking cows. Cows are peaceful. They pushed when they become in turn one after the other on mechanized, computerized milking. At the agrofirm "Mayak" the most advanced technology in the world milking - parlor of American manufacturing "Bou Matic" type "parallel" 2x16. The design capacity of milking parlors - 5 revolutions on hour. Effective use of the hall is to load it work at full capacity. The cows are milked three times a day. However, it has advantages - to obtain from each cow at least 15-20% more milk. And for better performance, the cows are milked by music. American milking technology, providing the highest degree of purity. Milkmaid before milking wiping cows udder wash and wear disposable wipes mechanical milking device. Milk without air flowing through the pipes in the cooling tank where the temperature drops to +8 degrees.

The process of milking and feeding - recorded computerized where virtually every step of animals on which way she went milking parlor, the place was, when out of milking. All this information is displayed on special paper screens where you can see all the perform and health of dairy cattle and more.

All the farm has 2300 head of cows, 1000 - a cash cow, 1300 – young cows. Average milked milk per cow are 27-30 liters for day and cow-record holder gives 60-65 liters for day!

After the tour fun break - photographed in suits. Group of tourists wearing bright suits with individual letters and phrases is: "I love milk," "Agrofirm Mayak" and photographed for memory.

Visit agrofirm "Mayak". An interesting excursions and enjoy a cheerful mood !!!

Riding quad and "Barrel train"



Restaurant "Old Mayak"

The atmosphere of the restaurant "Old Mayak" will make your stay homely and enjoyable. This institution plays not just a certain atmosphere, a certain image. And for this it is worth a visit. Calm colors, which is decorated restaurant evokes a feeling of warmth and coziness. Comfortable halls of the restaurant will win you with its elegance and luxury.

The restaurant has several rooms for different number of guests that will organize unforgettable celebrations, banquets, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, parties. You can reserve a table at a restaurant for a business lunch with a business partner or a romantic dinner with your loved one. Impeccable service, a diverse selection of dishes on the menu and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic will satisfy the tastes of visitors. The combination of great music and delicious Ukrainian and European cuisine will bring you unforgettable pleasure.

Always glad to see you at the restaurant "Old Mayak"!

We are waiting for you!

Agrofirm Mayak

Village Pischane, Zolotonosha district of Cherkasy region

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